Client Area (2)

Reset your Client Area & Hosting Control Panel passwords

DNS Settings (6)

Changing A records, CNAME records, NS records, MX records, and PTR

Domain Management (10)

Registering, Transferring, Renewing and Managing your Domain Name

E-Mail Accounts (19)

Creating Email Accounts, Setting a Catch All Address, Forwarding

File Manager (5)

Navigating, Coping Files, Moving Files, Renaming Files

Frequently Asked Questions (14)

This section covers the most Frequently Asked Questions

FTP Accounts (4)

Creating, Modifying and Deleting FTP Accounts, FTP Users for Subdomain

Miscellaneous Features (6)

404 Error Pages, Cron Jobs, Site Redirection, Additional Domains

MySQL Databases (7)

Creating & Removing Databases, Adding Users, Changing Passwords

PHP Version (1)

In order to alter the PHP version, please follow the steps

Site Backup (3)

Choosing What to Save, Creating Backups, Storing Backups

Site Statistics (4)

Checking Disk Space and Bandwidth, Viewing Account Info

Sub Domains (6)

Creating & Removing Subdomains, Subdomain Statistics, Usage & Error

Uploading Your Site (4)

Directory Structure, Uploading with FTP, Frontpage, DirectAdmin

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