Hosting Additional Domains In One Hosting Account

This section covers hosting more then 1 domain in your web hosting account. To host additional domains click on "Domain Setup" link from the main control panel menu.

Note:  This feature may not be enabled on your account.  Hosting additional domains in one account carry an extra fee, for details please contact our Customer Service Department.

Now click the "Add Another Domain" link at the top of the page, see following screen for reference.

Then first, enter the domain name.  Use all lower-case characters.  You do not need to enter "http://" or "www."

Second, select the bandwidth available to this domain.  If you only want 1 gig of transfer per month, enter 1000 into the "Bandwidth" field.  If you want to share bandwidth with your main domain, without limit, then check the "Same as Main Account" box.  Finally, click "Create".

Make sure to edit the record of the new domain so that it uses the same name servers as your main domain (this is done through the domain registrar).  It may take up to 48 hours for the new domain to resolve.

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